‘Maskne’ - Fight Mask Breakouts in Just 3 Steps

‘Maskne’ - Fight Mask Breakouts in Just 3 Steps

‘Maskne’ - Fight Mask Breakouts in Just 3 Steps

2020 has come to an end, still, COVID-19 is pretty challenging to all of us. The major goal that was set in the year, is to protect yourself from the virus, at maximum.  Primarily it includes a proper handwash, maintaining distance, and using face masks. Although it is crucial at the moment, it developed into some skincare issues as well. Out of which Maskne is very evident.


What is Maskne?

In simpler words, it’s acne caused by using the face mask. No matter how important are face masks to protect your mouth, their sanitation is the real point. The continuous contact with the fabric traps humidity & promotes bacterial growth there. It results in spots, skin inflammation, and breakouts.


How to Treat Them?

Be it a workplace, bus station, or just a grocery store, you need to cover up your face properly. If you're a person who spends a big chunk of your day outside, it's probably really exhausting to get into skincare and self-protection together. Let us drop a secret, it's easy to combat Maskne with ’just right’ skincare.

And, by ‘right skincare’, we don't mean a long process. This no-trouble skincare routine can help you to achieve a supple, smooth, and spotless complexion.


Cleanser -It All Starts Here!

First thing first, you need to put off all that dirt and grease. No matter what skin type do you belong to, cleansing is the foundation of a healthy complexion that looks good. Yeah, but going for the one, suits your skin type is better, always.

Just damp your face, apply some cleanser, massage, foam it up & wash; okay! You’re good to go for toning.


Toning -Prepare Your Skin!

Just after cleansing, you need to prevent your face from upcoming impurities. Girl! Get ready to apply some toner on your face and experience a lot of awesomeness. It may sound a lot, but it’s easy & wonderful. You do not need to spend thousands on this. Anything as simple as organic rose water, 100% natural aloe gel, or a mixture of both creates wonder.


Serum -Build Up What’s Lacking

Now your skin is all set to absorb what’s missing. Apart from moisture and dirt, lack of antioxidant causes Maskne. Your skin needs a booster to cope with radicals, activate collagen production, and eliminate the dead layer. Picking up the Best Vitamin C Serum can’t be wrong.

Posch Vitamin C Serum, not just acts as a barrier but also build up your skin from inside.

It promotes collagen synthesis which keeps your complexion firm from inside. Along with that, it fights with spots, hyper-pigmentation, and discolouration. As we just got into Vitamin C Serum Benefits for acne, it is the one you need!


Moisturize - You Need to Do.


Lastly, it ends up moisturizing. If you’re experiencing breakouts, choosing the right moisturizer is indeed a hard task! We suggest you go for gel-based moisturized, which hydrates your skin. 100% Aloe Vera Gel is just perfect to reapply after serum.


Well, now just grab your coffee and relax! You’re good to go. This is the simplest you need to get the better of Acne caused by Mask! For the best results, we suggest you go for the best. Posch Care’s range is always up for you.

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