Red Flags That Jar Holds - Aloe Gel Guide

Red Flags That Jar Holds - Aloe Gel Guide

Aloe vera barely needs an introduction when it comes to top skincare ingredients. Since it’s packed with nutrients, its medicinal properties are inevitable. When you slice through the succulent leaves, you get a fresh sticky cooling gel, which comes packed with essential health for skin and hair.

There is no denying the numerous benefits, it’s holding. When you slice through the leaves, you get a fresh sticky cooling gel, which comes packed with essential health, skin and hair. However, sometimes it can be pretty serious to consume it. If you’re scooping out flesh from freshly plucked leaf, make sure to drip away all yellow latex before using it. It prevents skin itching after applying aloe vera. 

But, for store-bought Aloe gels, we’re sharing some red flags that can turn into a DISASTER

Higher Amount Of Alcohol Is Irritating

It is a rage in the beauty and health world, and all thanks to the presence of numerous medicinal properties. The green coloured thick plant stores water in its leaves, making them thick and fleshy, what's also called aloe vera gel. You may have noticed Red skin after applying aloe vera.

That’s probably because of the higher amount of isopropyl alcohol to keep your gel sticking free. It can be turned into a hazardous deal for sensitive areas including the face.

Too Scented, Too Bad

Although many people do not think of aloe vera as having an objectionable odour, it is possible to dislike the scent of its gel even when nothing is wrong with the plant. For that, many of us prefer having that sweetly fragranced available at the drug store or skincare shops.

Remember, these scents are artificial. It’s okay to choose the better one but going after just ‘it smells nice'  is counterfeit.

We suggest you go for 100% Natural Aloe Vera Gel with no or gentle smell.

It Is Packed With Nutrients, Already!

Aloe gel is enriched with a good amount of nutrients, moisture, and minerals. All of them are present in the most usable form, which doesn’t need anything anymore. Yes, you can mix it with different products, but there’s no room to make it more nutritious.

Adding up more elements for the purpose during the process makes that gel ‘chemically treated’. Avoid it.

So there are a lot of aloe vera uses we can’t eliminate from our routine. But, picking the right one is important. We’ve shared a few Aloe vera ‘Big NOs’ with you, which shouldn’t be overlooked while having one. Also, many of us are allergic to a certain element or ingredient, so it’s always better to avoid it. Share standards, you set for the best aloe gel.

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