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Cover your face covid-19

May 2, 2020

As countries across the globe have been left in the pandemic, this uncertain time due to emerging corona virus governments had announced the lockdown in the cities to stop the spread also, to flatten the curve that was rising with enormous number of Corona patients. Usage of Surgical masks was highly advised and they literally urged the individuals to wear masks and keep the maximum distance from other person while talking or doing other activities.

Wearing face masks has become a norm now we see every other person protecting themselves against this virus,  Surgical masks are usually for one time use so a lot of people and their families have stocked up and kind of accumulate enough masks to have them in use because the masks you wear is to ward off the virus and stopping them from entering  mouth because mouth, nose, and eyes are the parts from which you can get the virus in it is being said that face masks like KN95 and Surgical masks prevents the particles of the fatal virus. Avoid going to the unnecessary places but if you really want to, this is highly advised to not step out without covering your face specially to the places where social distancing practice is limited and least to be followed.

The shortage of masks is continuously viewed in a lot of medical stores during this lockdown caused by novel diseases called COVID-19.

It is also observed that before the appearance of any symptom mostly people are infectious or the symptoms will not be appeared at all, A normal person may get infected if they stay in contact with the person unknowingly extending the disease with cough, sneezing, high fever, or fatigue.

Did you know wearing a face mask in crowded places or outside your place will be judged as symbol of the intention to let people know that you are following the precautions seriously, to stay healthy in public and definitely that means a signal to all the people out there that you do care about others to protect them from this disease too. Basically the widespread of this norm is inflict a protection to your surroundings.

In order to deem your safety measures POSCH takes care of your needs during this time, and try to convey a healthy and virus free lifestyle to you and your family, Order Masks now through our website!

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