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Hand Sanitizing is Life-Saving

May 30, 2020

To combat the corona virus some safety measures are necessary to be taken like wearing masks, sanitizing hands and washing hands till 20 seconds, the spreading virus which has become the outbreak in 2020 and as you all know  cases have been emerges across the country, taking precautions is a new norm in our daily lives.

Sanitizing your hands is a job For your family and loved ones to prevent the disease which is deadly spreading .Throughout the day, your hands carry germs and dirt as they touch objects and other people you should get your inanimate objects and surfaces in your houses disinfected as well .  Also we usually transmit the germs unknowingly to other when we touch and pass the objects so, sanitizing is the only way to curb the convey of viruses and bacteria.

When water is not available and you are in a hurry then a sanitizer gel is the best alternative to kill the germs, anytime anywhere! Because water and a bar of soap or hand wash are not instantly available. Sanitizers are the instant solutions to leave your hands sterile.

Sanitizers contain 60% of alcohol rubbing it all over your hands till it leaves a dry effect on your skin to get the viruses off your palms, fingers etc. Following the basic precautions and safety measures in order to flatten the curve is highly appreciated among individuals because taking care of yourself leads to create a safety zone for others too. We vulnerable people are experiencing the pandemic today but  can overcome this corona virus by keeping our hand hygiene habits active daily till it lasts!  Sanitizers are the most economical way to keep yourself distant from virus so let’s not join the hands together to break the chain, because this time keeping yourselves apart from others and  is the way to discontinue the escalation of Covid-19.


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