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Petroleum jelly

120.00 100 gm/ 3.52 fl oz

Posch Care Petroleum Jelly is a non-greasy solution to get an absolute smooth skin. It’s pure and natural formula brings out desired results for any type of skin texture from super dry to super oily. Protects skin from sunburns, and heals wounds rapidly as it carries non-irritants but organic ingredients. Cold and breezy days often cause patchy, dry and flaky skin that becomes unendurable. Grab a natural way to heal and pamper each layer of skin with our purified combination of natural extractions which is also very gentle to your baby’s skin.
Ingredient: Petrolatum

1. COMBATS DEHYDRATION AND PROMOTES MOISTURE: Posch Care Pure Petroleum Jelly combats dehydration and promotes moisture with the rich extracts of Petrolatum.

2. BALANCES THE PH LEVEL OF SKIN: It can be used to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, signs of aging and stretch marks right after pregnancy as it is known to balance the pH Level of our skin by ensuring moisture which aggregates smooth, shiny, glowing skin.

3. HEALS CRACKED HEALS: Application of petroleum jelly is also very effective in healing cracked heels, and visibly dry hands.


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