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Body Mists That You Will Absolutely Love

Body Mists That You Will Absolutely Love

Are you a person who adores a good body mist or are you a hardcore fan of face mists?

If you can’t decide whether to opt for a body mist or a face mist, don’t worry! We understand, cause so can’t we!

No matter what the goals of your skin are, we have a  mist for you! With all the fine benefits, these mists all give one combines benefit - they boost the hydration levels of your skin. Get all the instant hydration boost with just a spritz.

Like the face mist, the body mist work generously to give your skin a  hydrating effect. They give your skin a great fragrance and help in making you feel refreshed. 

If you want to use a body mist for the purpose of smelling great, you will have to keep re-spraying it, as it only lasts a few hours.

Coming back to the face mists here are our top 4 picks of face mists!

Four Mists That You will Absolutely Love:

Vitamin C Face Mist by Posch Care:

Posch Care Vitamin C Face Mist is saturated with radiance boosters. They help in giving your face a radiant, fresh and glowing appearance. The Vitamin C helps in dealing with the oxidative stress and fights dullness. Get your skin glowy and dewy with this Vitamin C Face mist!

Hydra Calm Face Mist by Posch Care:

What could be more perfect the goodness of aloe vera and the richness of tea tree oil in a mist? Experience a calming and soothing refreshment with this mist. Replenish and revive your skin and experience a sense of supreme relaxation.

Hydra calm face mist is infused with an aura of tranquility that gives soothing signals to your mind. This face mist also acts as a setting spray. Spritz it all over your face and allow it to set the makeup in.

Flora Bliss Face Mist by Posch Care:

Keep your skin soft, supple and plumper with Flora Bliss Face Mist. A supreme elixir infused with floral richness to refine your skin. Spritzz on the Flora Bliss Face Mist and get rid of open pores. It helps to nourish your face and replenish your skin. This mist is concocted with the most deluxe flowers to give  you the best experience. 

Rose Drops Face Mist:

Enrich your skin with a rosy spritz! The Rose Drops Face Mist by Posch Care gives you a dewy, glowy and rosy perfection. Let your hidden glow shine with the combination of the most premium rose extracts, 

Get your favourite mist now and spritz on the glow!

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