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All About Keratin Hair Treatment

All About Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin Hair Treatment has gained massive popularity with its straightening and smoothing
techniques. The talk of the town - this treatment is widely acquired by a large chunk of
people from all across the globe. For people, who are need more information regarding this
method, stay tuned to this blog and give it a read to fully understand this procedure.

Starting with the basics, what is keratin?

Keratin is concluded to be a building protein that is naturally available in hair, skin, teeth,
nails, and hair. This structural component is waterproof in nature, as well as strong.
Composed of living cells, this protein is found as an outer covering for many frail parts of
your body.

How does Keratin Hair Treatment work?

This process gives your hair a complete change by making it smooth and removing the frizz
from it. This is done by elevating the existing levels of keratin proteins that your hair has.
Your hair is infused with these beneficial proteins that boost the shine and smoothness of
your hair.
The proteins are sealed in your hair with the help of a hot blow-dry or straightener that
warrants that the glossy and smooth result stays put for a long time. The keratin further on
forms a layer on the hair that safeguards it from any damage.

Duration or Lasting of the Procedure?

Getting a Keratin Hair treatment does not take a lot of time. You can see a significant
transformation in your hair in just about two hours. The average lasting of a keratin treatment
is of about eight to twelve weeks. The care that you shower your hair with can elongate the
time span of the keratin hair treatment on your hair.
For two days after the procedure, you need to protect the hair from water, sweat, and styling
to allow the protein to fully work its magic.
After two days or 48 hours, you can give your hair a wash with a good shampoo and restyle your hair as per your choice.

Hair tips To follow after the treatment:

1. Don’t saturate your hair with water for a long time.
2. Don’t wash, style, brush or tie your hair for the first 48 hours.
3. Don’t opt for any other hair chemicals for at least three weeks.
4. Use a heat protectant whenever you are styling your hair.
5. Use a conditioner whenever you shower.

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