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Fight the pollution with this magical product!

Fight the pollution with this magical product!

Most of us can tell just by looking outside that our planet has a major pollution problem. This environmental crisis impacts over 100 million people, affecting the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the bodies we live in (skin very much included).

Bottom line: We should all be doing our part to tackle pollution and create a safer, healthier environment now and for generations to come. And since pollutants are easily absorbed into our pores, it has a direct impact on the way our skin looks and feels, too. While there are several forms of pollution, the air, light, and water varieties have the most significant impact on the skin. Read on for ways you can defend against each—and reduce your footprint overall.


Care For Your Skin:

Much of the damage done by air pollution is through oxidative stress and the development of free radicals in the skin. Adding antioxidant-rich products into the skincare routine can help reduce these effects. This is when using an effective serum comes with its own benefits for aging skin.

A daily moisturizer like Posch Care Vitamin C Serum works  as a treatment of any underlying skin inflammation and will help maintain a healthy skin barrier allowing the skin to better defend itself against pollution.

Taking care of your skin in a humid air like Karachi’s & other surrounding ones, becomes extremely difficult. This is when using a proactive approach comes in handy. Using skin care products that won't further damage your skin, but instead help fight against the environmental factor.

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