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How does cold weather impact our skin?

How does cold weather impact our skin?

old weather brings dryness:

So now the temperature started falling down, it is significant to know how this weather change effects our skin. What’s better than looking towards minimizing the effectiveness?

Cold weather tends to convey dryness and reduce the humidity in weather, resulting the drier weather we have to survive in for a period of 4-5 months. It all causes the slight changes like in dehydrated epidermis. And it is all noticeable and visible on our face, cheeks, flaky lips, chapped heels. We also feel itchiness and redness on some of the area on skin surfaces, if we talk in particular hands and legs are on top of the list. An uncomfortable zone stays right there with us all the time.

How it works on our skin:

When temperature falls a layer present on the skin called horny layer gets reduced ultimately. And the reason behind this function is our skin cells tend to be loosen easily which later our skin ends up having inflammation and itchiness from the certain type of weather. Also, in cold weather we don’t drink much of the liquid because at this time the requirement of water in our body decreases. There cellular dehydration takes over in body leading to the state of dermatitis (itching on body).

Best Routine for good skin days during Winters:

Cleansing is basic:

Your skin needs a gentle cleansing or exfoliation everyday to be healthy and soft. A warm water results best. A nice moisturizer wh9ich suits your skin in a good way turns out to be a life saver after every shower because it has a tendency to lock to moisture for hours and hours. A long term moisture is required by your body.

Hydration is requisite:

8 Glasses of water are suggested universally which offers multiple benefots including your skin.  Change and any fluctuation in temperature weakens the horny layer. A recommendation of emollients with hydrating properties works perfectly to feed your skin with an adequate amount of nutrients while helping regenerating the dead skin cells.

Vitamin C rescues your face:

After a long day your skin calls for a gentle care definitely with organic products which would not harm your sensitive skin. Vitamin C serum comes along hydrating traits which boosts your skin elasticity, keeps it glowing and promotes hydration before any makeover. You can simply apply a few drops by patting on your face before bed time.

   Soften your chapped lips:

Exfoliate your lips morning or in night with a soft tooth brush as it will extirpate he dead skin layer on lips and regulates blood flow which is equally promotes plumpness and smoothness to your pout! After exfoliating lips, tap a tissue and then apply glycerin or Vaseline.

Tip: Else, you can take some Vaseline out of the box and merge it with your favorite lip color and guess what? You are good to grab flake-free smile all day long with maximum hours of owning soft and moisturized lips!

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