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One, Two, Three, Pigmentation Free!

One, Two, Three, Pigmentation Free!

One, Two, Three, Pigmentation Free!

 What Is Hyperpigmentation?

To start off, it’s very important to know what exactly is this concern. The right explanation of hyperpigmentation is just what it sounds like: an over appearance of pigments in the skin, resulting in an uneven tone, dark spots and patches. It generally a wider term that encapsulates a multitude of skin concern, This term includes the type of pigment that one gets from chronic sun exposure, melasma, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation which is the category that acne scars fall into


What Causes Dark Spots and Scars?

Hyperpigmentation is one of the most common concerns for skin these days that can be caused by problems such as inflammation, sun damage, sun exposure, and acne. When the skin is injured, whether it's a papule, a burn, a rash, etc, the mending process can beget redundant saturation to form and deposit into the deeper subcaste of the skin.

How to fix it?

When it comes to fixing & reducing hyperpigmentation, it is recommended to combine three key steps to get it done.

Step 1: Exfoliate

Consistent exfoliation has several skincare benefits, but it’s a particularly important step when fading dark spots and acne scars. For dark spots, it is recommended to use a brightening face wash with ative Vitamin C that can absorb deep into the skin cells to remove dirt & oil & reduce the spots & darkness. Use Posch Care Vitamin C Brightening Face Wash for quicker results.

Step 2: Moisturize

Using a moisturizer is extremely important. It is often due to the dry skin because of which the skin produces its natural oil that is sebum. Sebum causes clogged pores, which results in acne & blackheads. And this at the end of the day becomes a core reason for pigmentation. Using a brightening serum such as Posch Care Vitamin C Brightening Serum is a must after face wash.

 Step 3: Being Consistent 

Being consistent is the key to any kind of skin care. We often follow a heavy skin care regime but find it difficult following it throughout or being consistent with it. With pigmentation, it is extremely important to keep following the regime till you see them completely vanished. 

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